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流浪香港 - Wandering Hong Kong
(New York, UA) - June 11, 2022 to June 19, 2022

Hong Kong’s political environment has been drastically deteriorating. Since the 2019 movement, over 100,000 Hongkongers have emigrated or exiled to various locations. It’s never easy to settle in a new place, let alone the emotional turmoil; homesickness, separation from friends and relatives, confusion about belonging and identity, and the many more struggles as we migrate to an unfamiliar environment. Nevertheless, our persistent love for Hong Kong represents this era and is worthy of being recorded and preserved. The love and struggle are why we titled the exhibition Wandering Hong Kong.

Wandering Hong Kong explores what it means to be “wandering.” The dictionary defines wandering as “a life with no place to settle down, needing to move around.” Although a lot of us are no longer in Hong Kong, we have never forgotten our identity as Hongkongers. This led to the formation of many overseas organizations to voice for justice and express the yearning for the Hong Kong we love. We see this as “the romance of the wanderer.”


In this exhibition, we have included artworks created by Hongkongers from the U.S., U.K., Germany, Taiwan, and Canada. These artistic creations represent the expression of emotion and record of the times, and we hope to share them with you and mark our stories in history.

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