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Siege of CUHK Commemoration - 11/11/2020

I am deeply honored that 8 of my paintings are exhibited in prints as part of “Siege of CUHK” Commemoration.  Below is CUHK Joint Student Unions Statement about the historical event last year, on Nov 11, 2019, and photos of my painting displays at the exhibition.

A year ago, Chow Tsz-lok, a HKUST student, sustained severe injuries from a fall and passed away. His death marked the commencement of Operation Dawn. On 11 November 2019, the police force intruded CUHK premises and confronted the protesters on campus. Shots of tear gas and rubber bullets rained upon our serene campus, transforming it into a chaotic battlefield. On 12 November 2019, innumerable bullets were fired at the chests of our fellow schoolmates;  thousands of CUHKers and Hong Kongers rushed to our campus without hesitation and defended our fortress that embraces humanity fearlessly. In a series of clashes, the police fired at least 1600 canisters of tear gas, 1300 rubber bullets, 400 beanbag rounds and 100 sponge-tipped bullets.

The aftermath of the battle was grim: 10 protesters were convicted of rioting in the battle. The university bore witness to countless injuries, not to mention the unexpected attack of its Vice-chancellor Rocky Tuan by tear gas shots from the police force. A year has passed since that fateful battle, and despite all of its wounds have healed, we, along those whom stood with us and the arrested protesters, will forever be scarred by the sight of our campus at war. Though most of us were left unscathed, some of us are still facing trials and prosecution alone; some of us are still being haunted by the physical and psychological trauma; and there remains some of us who are still struggling to survive in the abyss of suffering that devoured them. “We must stay alive to remember and to tell of what has happened.” We urge all of you to remember this sorrowful piece of history. We urge all of you refuse to forget. We urge all of you to inherit the truth.


The future of our city is undoubtedly dark and plagued with despair. Students who insisted on commemoration were blamed; the leader of the university was publicly insulted and demanded to apologize. Within the span of a year, our city and the campus we cherish has decayed to such pandemonium. Being CUHKers and Hong Kongers, it is inevitable for us to feel lost and heart broken. Nevertheless, wherever there is battle in Hong Kong, we do believe that Hong Kongers will defend their homeland with bravery, determination and unwavering faith, just like how they protected our beloved students a year ago. Despite how bleak our path ahead will be, with hope and faith, as the saying in Grandmaster goes “Hold a breath, and light a lamp”, a single spark can start a prairie fire.

We shall stand in solidarity, and march forward with historical wounds on our back.


The Provisional Executive Committee, The Student Union of The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong New Asia College Students’ Union
Shaw College Student Union, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Student Union of Lee Woo Sing College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
S.H. Ho College Student Union of The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chung Chi College Student Union, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Provisional Executive Committee, The Student Union, United College, The Chinese University Of Hong Kong 


11 November 2020



(photo credit: Studio Incendo)


(photo credit: Studio Incendo)

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