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Artvocate: The Art of Standing - 2021-11-06

In the most “activist” fashion, artvocate brought over 20 contemporary activist artists on the busiest streets of London (Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square) for a mobile standing exhibition.


Ricker Choi's "Red Sea" and "Reminiscence of Lennon Wall" are on display.


The exhibition occupied the front of National Gallery and other iconic locations in London with blindfolded artists standing side by side holding provocative visual arts to bring to life the struggles amongst social movements in Myanmar, Thailand and Hong Kong. is a specialist art platform that curates the best artworks to promote a fair and equitable future. artvocate works with artists who are altruistic and passionate about social justice. Some artists had to flee from their home countries to avoid persecution.

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