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Fund Raising Art Sale for Ukraine

Ukraine Fights for Freedom!

9"x12" Postcard Reprint

Order through CanHKer 香港多得你.  Entire sale proceeds will be donated to Canada-Ukraine Foundation

Large Canvas Reprint

Larger size Canvas Reprint order through below form.  Net proceeds after costs to print shop will be donated to Canada-Ukraine Foundation.  Further down is sample Canvas Print of another painting.


* "Purchase Price" is the price you pay (in CAD) and includes shipping;    

** "Amt for Donation" is estimated portion to be donated.  Actual amount depends on country of shipment;

*** Dimension is only approximate.  Actual size may differ slightly.

Order Form


Order received! Thank you! Will be in touch on payment.​If you want another reprint, simply submit the form again with another painting.

Canvas Reprints Sample

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