Red Sea - 紅海

Ricker Choi (b. 1975)

Red Sea

Original artwork: acrylic on canvas
Print edition: pigment print on PVC Foam Board

24 x 30 in.
Executed in 2021

On June 16, 2 million Hong Kongers marched in protest against the extradition bill. During the night, protesters moved aside to allow an ambulance to pass, demonstrating how orderly Hong Kongers were. This scene happened at Harcourt Road near the Central Government Complex. Hong Kongers related this scene to the biblical event "Parting of the Red Sea", when Moses held out his staff and God parts the sea water to allow the Jewish people to pass, escaping from the pursuing Egyptians. This biblical event resonates deeply with Hong Kongers and greatly inspires them. Many churches in Hong Kong were assisting the protest movement, and many Christians were heard singing Hallelujah to the Lord at scenes of protest.