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小部分原畫有售, 您也可以委託我為您特別畫一幅畫。賣價的 85% 將捐贈給協助香港民主運動和尋求政治庇護的手足基金。聯繫我以了解詳情。

Some of following original paintings are available for sale.  Or you can commission me to create a custom painting for you.  85% of sales price will be donated towards foundations assisting Hong Kong young people seeking new lives in Canada.   Contact me to find out which organization I am currently fund raising for.


* 15%用於支付繪畫和郵寄包裝材料的費用 - 15% of proceeds is to cover costs of painting supplies and packaging materials

** 年尾結帳如有剩額,也會全數捐出 - any remaining funds at year end will also be donated

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