Thank you for helping Ricker with setup!!


backrow:  6 large paintings
frontrow:   6 postcards;   2 info sheet
** pls setup paintings in same position as shown in photo above

Step 1): spread large "Glow Hong Kong" fabric to middle of table


Step 2: setup the 3 easels as per video

Step 3: spread out the 3 easels on the table

(photo below demo using my floor as I don't have a 8-feet table.  Photo also missing "Glow Hong Kong" fabric print)


these 3 easels are for the 6 larger paintings at the back


Step 4: for the 6 larger paintings:  stack 1 above the other and use masking tape to secure against the easel, and against the lower painting.  Do this for all 3 pairs


Step 5: put 6 small postcards and 2 Info Sheet onto the small wooden easels.   Tape at the back to secure.

a) 2 Info Sheet should be placed onto the larger/studier small wooden easle (red circle)


b) total 6 postcards are displayed.  But I have only 4 (found in HONGKONER black folder)


c) please ask Canhker Booth 9 for the remainder 2 I don't have (Agnes Chow, Kiss)


d) please tape the postcard and 2 Info Sheet to the small easel to secure