Ricker Choi (b. 1975)

Last Wish of Marco Leung

Original artwork: acrylic on canvas
Print edition: pigment print on PVC Foam Board

24 x 30 in.
Executed in 2020

On June 15, 2019: Marco Leung, aged 35, killed himself in protest against the Extradition Bill. He was the first to die for Hong Kong. Leung was seen standing on top of scaffolding outside the mall "Pacific Place", donning a yellow raincoat. He hung a banner calling for the bill to be withdrawn and for those arrested in clashes to be released.

Words on his raincoat:

- Cold Blooded Black Police
- Carrie Lam Killing Hong Kong

Words in banner - Left:
- Withdraw completely the extradition bill
- We are not rioters
- Release all students and the wounded
- Carrie Lam step down
- Help Hong Kong

Words in banner - Right:
- Anti Extradition
- Make Dove, No Shoot!
- No Extradition to China