Thank you for helping Ricker with setup!!

Lobbysetup - FloorPlan - 10182022 - with Paintings.jpg
Floorplan-Banners - With Paintings.jpg

- sponsor banner will be in full view when guest enter front door
- 8 feet table for postcard sale
- 6 feet table for Somebody.HK letter writing
               They provide their own sign. 
               We just put down paper and pen on various tables:
               1 more 6 feet table and round tables for guests to write letters

- 12 easels lined up in 1 continuous setup;   with extra space available (green ?) if need

- Sponsors Names:   1) Rex Fung - We Do Mortgage       2) Ricky Wong etc insurance      3) Angie Mak (鄭太保險)         4) John Sun real estate

Easel Instructions


label at top of painting

Tickets for Volunteers

C20-D21-E22      D20

Kay, Phoenix, Jimmy,       C camera D20

Postcard Sale Table Setup


- 2 "$10 each" signs 
- put on small easels as many postcard as possible
- 2 money boxes (not in photo) - but pls put on table as well
- paste Banyan Aid posters along edge of Postcard Sale, Letter Writing tables
- postcards layout on table for guests to see

Directions to backstage door

Directions - backstage.jpg