Calendar 2021 & HK Freedom Posters

Order Form (Vancouver):

Order Form (Toronto):

This fundraising event is to support HK asylum seekers in Canada. 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to Vancouver Society In Support of Democratic Movement (VSSDM)'s Hong Kong Humanitarian Fund - Vancouver.
Four painting posters and a 2021 calendar by Ricker Choi will be available for sale:
1. Siege of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
2. Save the 12 HK Youth
3. The Kiss
4. Fast and Furious (2020 July 1st)


- L (24x18"): $30 CAD
- M (8x12"): $10 CAD
- Calendar: $20 CAD
*Order deadline is Nov 29.


Regarding the details of the fund, you can visit this URL:

​Please don't hesitate to reach out (direct message) to the Toronto HK Network Facebook page: